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24th Jul 2018, 10:36 PM in Chapter 6: The Plague
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JaredMOwens 24th Jul 2018, 10:36 PM edit delete
Fair warning and apologies, the school year just started back up... tomorrow. I'll try to make time to continue updating on a semi regular schedule, but work usually gets the best of me.
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Wartooth 24th Jul 2018, 11:45 PM edit delete reply
Aw man. Hoping the school goes well
JaredMOwens 25th Jul 2018, 5:24 AM edit delete reply
Should be mostly smooth sailing. I've got the same classes, so I can use my old lesson plans. I am hoping this'll give me more time to draw than last year.
Wartooth 25th Jul 2018, 9:04 AM edit delete reply
Yeah I'm hoping too lol. I just found this comic and I'm loving it too much to wait. However, school does take priority. I've had to hiatus my comic for a couple months when things got hard and I hated it, but I passed all of the classes I nearly failed.
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